Malnalife Malnutrition Project (Ongoing)

As outlined in the National Policy on Food and Nutrition and National Strategic Plan of Action for Nutrition, Nigeria has set the following targets between 2014 and 2019: reduce the number of under-5 children who are stunted by 20 percent; reduce low birth weight by 15 percent; ensure no increase in childhood overweight; reduce and maintain childhood wasting to less than 10 percent; reduce anaemia in women of reproductive age by 50 percent; and increase exclusive breastfeeding rates in the first 6 months to at least 50 percent. However, childhood and mother malnutrition are still on the rise in the country.

As such, the aforementioned organization have come up with an ingenious project with the theme; Malnalife Project, with an aim of abridging malnutrition in marginalized communities in Nigeria.

Our Objectives

– To Distribute Fortified Complementary Foods to malnourished children between age 6 months to 5 years for 3 months.
– Train and Equip mothers and young women on range of topics related to malnutrition and breastfeeding.

– Connect malnourished children to dietitians for proper care and Health check-ups for mothers and children.
– Sensitize fathers on the essence of supporting their wives in breastfeeding and childcare.

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Our Bank Details

Account name: Food and Genes Initiative.

Account number: 1017709094

Bank: Zenith bank

30 Days Malnalife Campaign

In September 2020, we organized a 30 days online awareness campaign on malnutrition to sensitize people on the essence of exclusive breastfeeding, good hygiene, and infant nutrition. We facilitated the project in partnership with 4 other organizations which include The Neo Child Initiative, Health Volunteers Naija, Chronmate, and Health4All Initiative.

Our campaign went across 7 countries in Africa reaching over 15,000 people creating an impression of over 60,000. Our goal is to increase the conversation on malnutrition across the continent and make it known to the global space that malnutrition is a menace killing children in our societies.

Moreover, the campaign is a foundation for the Malnalife Malnutrition Project we are launching in 2021.

#FeedIbadan Project

During the peak of the Covid19 Pandemic in Nigeria, we organized a project in partnership with ActHub Initiative to distribute palliative to 20 households in Ibadan, Nigeria and sensitize them on Covid19 prevention rules.

Also, we partnered with several organizations in Nigeria and abroad to organize a 14 days online sensitization campaign to inform people about Covid19 precaution rules.

365 DAYS (Drug Abuse Youths Sensitization) Campaign

In recent years, substance abuse and addiction have become a great problem in my home country, Nigeria. In 2018, the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics published that 14.3 million (14.4%) of people aged between 15 and 65 are involved in drug use. In addition, 1 out of every 4 women take drugs and 1 out of every 5 drug users are suffering from disorders. Pitifully, the issue of substance abuse have led to increase in criminality, terrorism, non-communicable diseases, deaths, economic problems and irresponsible attitudes amidst youths.

With the aim of reducing drug use in Nigeria, we organized a campaign called 365 DAYS (Drug Abuse Youths Sensitization). The project is in tandem with the sustainable development goal 3.5 and it involves 365 days of social media sensitization and offline campaigns on drug abuse. Our objective is towards enlightening young children between age 7 and 14 about drug abuse and the effect on their lives and society, also to provide information such as rehabilitation centers and brief interventions for drug addicts.

National Drugs and Alcohol Fact Week

In January 2019, we partnered with National Institute on Drug Abuse, USA in organizing the “National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week” for teenagers across 6 states in Nigeria. We gave them materials on marijuana; because it is the most common drugs taken by teenagers in Nigeria and we were able to reach out to more than 20,000 teenagers at the end of the event. Also, in June 2019, we organized a street conference in Ibadan and Akure, Nigeria partnering with Young Africans Leadership Initiative, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and Nigeria Police Force to sensitize youths about drug abuse. At the end of the conference, we were able reach to more than 500 youths.

Owode Community Outreach

In December 2019, we carried out a community outreach on substance abuse at Owode Community, Ogun State, Nigeria. The aim of the outreach is to sensitize youths in the community on the effects of substance abuse, and health outreach for old people in the community.

Our team engaged the young people and use brief counselling to engage them. We were able to reach 50 young people and carry out health checkup for 50 old people in the community.