MALNALIFE Malnutrition Program

December 01, 2020 9:00 AM

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About Food and Genes Initiative


Substance Abuse

We provide awareness on drug abuse, tobacco use and alcoholism and also provide counselling and ease of accessibility to rehab centers for people with substance use disorder.



We create awareness and provide interventions on exclusive breastfeeding, child nutrition and early childhood development to fight against stunting, wasting and malnutrition in children.


Non Communicable Diseases

We conduct research on Non communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and carry out strategic campaigns to provide awareness and health checkup for people.



Our projects

NCDS Awareness Project

By , August 8, 2017

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About Food and Genes Initiative

Food and Genes Initiative (FAGI) is a nonprofit organization aimed at creating interventions through awareness, research and technology that will improve the feeding habits and lifestyles of Africans. The end goal of the organization is to enhance longevity in adults and youths productivity in the Continent.

FAGI originated from Nigeria and her first focus is on the country. In a report released by World Health organization in 2018, Nigeria life expectancy rate is 53 years old ranking 213 in the world as compared with other countries. The human capital index of Nigeria as suggested by World Bank is 0.34 which indicates that 34% of children between 1-5years will be productive at age 18.

Improving the health of Nigeria must start from changing the lifestyles and feeding habit of the people. About 29% of deaths in Nigeria are caused by Non-Communicable Diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The risk factors responsible for this include drug abuse, tobacco use, stunting, lack of exercise and bad feeding habits which are lifestyles that can be controlled.